Over the years, the Argungu Series exhibition has become one to look forward to as Oghagbon Moses has over the past seven years provided a well curated collection of visual art pieces. Every Argungu series right from “Series 1” has successfully impacted in improving and appreciating the culture.

At the first sound or thought of Argungu, one instantly thinks about the famous fishing festival which holds yearly in the North-Eastern state of Kebbi, Nigeria.

The Argungu festival, a festival that began in 1934 however, is about more than fishing; it is a festival for unity and the exposition of the cultural glamour of the Kebbi people.

This year’s edition of the Argungu Art show tagged “Argungu Series 8” is as bold and captivating as ever. Moses Oghagbon’s proficiency in evoking our emotions by creating visual portals that catapults us right into the heart of this electrifying historical tradition and culture is unparalled.

As it is part of our mission to promote and preserve African culture and arts, Thought Pyramid Art Centre is proud to be a part of this project and we sincerely hope that this serves as a catalyst to sparking conversations on reviving and documenting our traditions and cultural history.

Do view every work in this exhibition with an open mind, for the best way to preserve and pass on history and traditional is through the use of art.


Jeff Ajueshi

Artistic Director

Thought Pyramid Art Centre

Abuja | Lagos