Moses Oghagbon is one artist who has shown passionate interest in the message ARGUNGU festival has for our Nation. It reminds one going down south of what Art has done in documenting history for the people of Benin. The bronze works have really placed the people on the world historical map.

The Art of Benin was a royal art. The craftsmen were organized into guilds and had to live together in the same quarter of the town. They were commissioned by the Oba and the palace was decorated with their works. Many of them depicted the life at the court in the palace.  They serve as palace photographers and historians, documenting ceremonies, festivals and rituals. It talks about the civilization of the people.

This Argungu series exhibition further calls our attention to the importance of telling our story as a people of our contributions to humanity. As simple as this may look, it helps to identify us as contributors to development.

Moses Oghagbon should be commended for his resilience. He only did his national youth service in Kebbi and has since embraced the culture of the people and have been promoting the ARGUNGU festival.

Our nation is in dire need of artists who will continue to open the nation to tourists.  Moses fits that cap.

Art lovers and critics will be given a treat in this exhibition. Collectors will not only enjoy the works, their children would benefit from the collection.

Moses Ohiomokhare