Nigeria is blessed with diverse, vibrant and very rich cultural heritage. For anyone who had in one way or the other experienced or participated in the Argungu fishing festival which is arguably, one of the biggest cultural showpiece in the land, will without any doubt appreciate the artistic effort and contributions of Moses Oghagbon through the medium of his paintings.

Moses art is contemporary Nigerian art, it has its roots in a past and presents a present that are not an extension of western influence. His works has root in the same aesthetic principles that produced the very authentic African contemporary paintings.

Moses had through his Argungu series exhibitions over the years warmed and illuminated our hearts with several themes and depths, his artistic intervention without any doubt, depicts clearly with colors, hues, techniques and images of the very essence of the Argungu festival.

His dedication and commitment towards this great cultural event should be highly commended, he has placed upon his own shoulders the crusade to make this festival a truly global showpiece with all the recognition that it deserves.

Moses Oghagbon has meticulously documented the life, style, fashion, culture, history, religion and everyday life of not the festival alone but of the entire people of the Argungu emirate. His vast knowledge about his subject is clearly visible and unparalleled, his paintings x-rays the catalogue of events leading to the preparation of the festival, during the festival and after the festival. This project represent  a very bold articulation of what his earlier works had fervently and dutifully championed.

 The Argungu Exhibition Series 8 is a brave excursion into a multi-contextual ethnological significance which is indicate the dual projection of his mind.

Moses Oghagbon has assumed and occupied the role of a pathfinder to a new understanding and method of trans-signification of forms, elements and meanings.

Femi Ajayi JULY 2019.