In Furtherance of his passion to deliver on his self appointed position as the Argungu visual/creative communications ambassador, Moses Oghagbon ‘once again stages another epoch exhibition, portraying the heritage and culture of our people richly blessed and proud.

The exhibition primarily focuses on the renowned and world acclaimed International Argungu Fishing and Cultural festival, which is over five hundred years old this year. In 1934 the evolution of the festival began with the historical peace visit of Sultan Hassan Dan Muazu to Argungu after over one hundred years of hostilities. Today eighty two years after the historic visit, the festival is widely acclaimed as the largest and most widely attended festival celebrating peace and reconciliation in West Africa. Moses Oghagbon tells the story of a major turning point in the history of Kebbi Kingdom and Sokoto caliphate in artistic creative and colorful presentations. 

With the series of exhibitions on this subject under his belt, it is evident that Moses is contributing immensely towards bringing to the fore, the rich cultural traditions of the people of Argungu In particular, Northern Nigeria and the entire Country in general.

On behalf of the people of Argungu Emirate, it is my pleasure to invite everyone to savour the beauty inherent in our culture and land as colorfully presented from the artistic perspective of Moses Oghagbon.

I wish you all a happy viewing.

 The Royal Highness, the Emir of Argungu.

Alhaji Samaila Muhammadu Mera (con)

                     April 2016.