‘’ We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race’’
 Kofi Annan

Evolution of the Argungu international fishing and cultural festival began over five hundred years ago with the declaration of independence from Songhai Empire by the founder of Kebbi kingdom, Muhammad Kotal Kanta in 1515AD. In 1934 Sultan Hassan Dan Mu’azu’s historic peace visit to Argungu after over one hundred years of hostilities between Sokoto caliphate and the Kebbi Kingdom marked the birth of the modern day festival as it’s known today. Following that historic visit, eighty five years after, the Argungu international fishing and cultural festival has evolved to become the largest festival of its type in Nigeria, thereby attaining the prestigious state and listing as UNESCO’S intangible heritage for humanity.

Oghagbon Moses has demonstrated that he is indeed a good ambassador of Argungu Emirate and Kebbi Kingdom. He is one artist who has shown passionate interest in documenting Argungu over the past one and half decades.

His regular exposition of the evolution of Argungu Emirate and her iconic world acclaimed

Fishing and Cultural Festival, in creative artistic colours, narrates the major turning points of present realities, the history of Kebbi Kingdom and Sokoto Caliphate.

I wish you all to enjoy this extraordinary display of visual creativity from Oghagbon Moses.

His Royal Highness, the Emir of Argungu

Alhaji Samaila Muhammadu Mera (CON). 2019